We build sustainable pet brands that do good for pets, pet parents and the planet.

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Brands of tomorrow

At Petbuddy Group we prioritize innovation, sustainability, and superior quality. Each of our brands embodies our vision of meeting the highest nutritional standards while addressing the evolving needs of pet owners globally. Through continuous improvement, innovation and eco-friendly practices, Petbuddy Group is shaping a healthier, happier future for pets and their owners worldwide.


Global presence

We strive to make our brands accessible globally, offering the best nutrition for pets worldwide. Exporting to over 50 countries across Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia, our distribution partners ensure that premium pet food products reach pet owners everywhere. Leveraging strategic partnerships and streamlined logistics, we maintain a strong foothold in key markets while continually expanding our reach.

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Planet friendly operations

PBG's brands and production are climate compensated and always seek to leave as little environmental footprint as possible. We strive to use recycable packing, offer fossil-free shipping and actively support pet related charity in our core markets.


Our brands


Buddy Pet Foods

Launched in Jan 2019, Buddy Pet Foods is transforming the pet food industry with its 100% natural and healthy dog food. Dissatisfied with mass-produced products filled with fillers and artificial additives, the brand partnered with veterinarians, chefs, and nutrition experts to create a superior alternative. Buddy’s grain-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, and soy-free recipes are packed with essential vitamins and minerals to ensure pets' well-being. Founded by dedicated dog owners, Buddy Pet Foods leverages data-driven insights and customer feedback to continuously enhance its offerings.

Thrive Pet Foods

Thrive Pet Food, founded in 2000 by experienced food industry professionals, emerged from a desire to improve pet nutrition after discovering the poor quality of ingredients in most pet foods. Using real ingredients like 100% chicken breast and tuna fillets, and employing gentle processes such as freeze-drying, Thrive has garnered a loyal following of pet owners who notice the health benefits in their pets. Now available in over 20 countries, Thrive products can be found in veterinary surgeries, supermarkets, pet superstores, and online.


Nutrolin®, created by the family-owned Finnish company Olini Oy, offers scientifically developed fatty acid supplements for dogs, cats, and horses. Inspired by Penni, a Parson Russell terrier, Nutrolin® was founded to enhance pet well-being with products developed by Dr. Mikko Griinari, a Cornell-educated expert in fatty acids. These high-quality products have roots in academic research and a deep love for animals, reflected in the story of Penni and the dedication of their team.

Little BigPaw

Little BigPaw was founded by Big Dave and Little Jim, lifelong pet lovers and pet trade professionals. Frustrated by the monotony of dry kibble, they sought to create a range of wet foods that were not only nutritious but also more appetizing. By consulting leading nutritionists and using the finest ingredients, they developed Little BigPaw, a line of wet foods that combine fresh meat, natural local ingredients, and expert knowledge to provide optimal nutrition and exceptional taste for pets.


MediPaws is dedicated to keeping pets healthy and happy with 100% natural products, free from additives and artificial flavoring. Committed to quality, MediPaws offers a range of supplements for dogs, including joint care, calm care, and skin and coat support, ensuring nutritional excellence and product safety. By controlling every aspect of production, MediPaws provides high-quality supplements at unbeatable prices, eliminating the need for costly vet visits.


WAP Dog Care aims to raise the standard in dog care with high-quality, sustainable products that prioritize pet and environmental health. Founded in 2019 by Carolina after her dog Viggo's severe reaction to conventional tick tablets, WAP produces 100% natural, organic, and vegan dog care products. Committed to design, functionality, and sustainability, WAP challenges the traditional industry and aspires to lead the way towards a better future in dog care.

Buddy Care

Buddy Care enhances dogs' lives with high-quality, all-natural supplements developed with veterinarians to prevent health issues and support overall well-being. Founded in Stockholm, Sweden, Buddy Care uses premium ingredients without artificial additives, ensuring dogs receive the same quality as humans. Combined with Buddy's natural food, their supplements promote long, healthy lives for dogs, making life easier for pet owners.

Comfy Collar

Comfy Collar is a post-surgical inflatable collar designed to help dogs and cats recover from rashes, injuries, or surgery while maintaining their normal activities. Recommended by veterinarians, it is scratch and bite-resistant, long-lasting, and easy to store. The collar is reusable, washable, hygienic, and will not damage furniture or walls. It inflates easily and secures with an adjustable Velcro strap, with optional loops for attaching to your pet's collar.


Since 1951, Denes has been a leader in natural health care for cats and dogs, offering complete and complementary foods, herbal supplements, homeopathic remedies, and aromatherapy products. Recommended by many happy and healthy pets, Denes provides natural solutions for your pet's well-being.

"At Petbuddy Group, our mission is simple: deliver the highest quality nutrition for pets. We combine our passion for innovation with a commitment to excellence, ensuring that pets around the world receive the best possible care."

- Alexander Retzlik, CEO & Co-Founder


PBG acquires UK premium pet brand Thrive Pet Food

PBG has completed the acquisition of the premium pet food brand "Thrive Pet Food." This acquisition, along with Thrive's smaller sister brands Denes and Comfy Collar, marks PBG's third purchase in the UK, further solidifying our presence in the British market.

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AGM 2024

Annual General Meeting 2024

In this section, you can download essential documents for our upcoming Annual General Meeting.

  • AGM Notice: Access the official notice for the AGM, detailing the date, time, and location of the meeting, as well as the agenda and resolutions to be discussed.
  • Power of Attorney Form: If you are unable to attend the AGM in person, you may appoint a representative to vote on your behalf using our power of attorney form.

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