We are Petbuddy Group

Sustainable brands that make pets happier and healthier

We build sustainable pet care brands that do good for pets, pet parents and the planet.

What we're all about:

Love of pets

For dog crazy people, by dog crazy people. Perhaps one day also for cat crazy people.


No planet, no pets. We climate compensate, sponsor animal shelters, and use recyclable plastics. We aim to be climate neutral by 2025.

Repeat business

We love subscription business models as it allow us to have a close relationship with our (very) engaged customer base.

One platform, one customer group, multiple brands = strong value creation

With a world class subscription ecommerce platform, scalable operations, and strong use of data we are set for EU and Asian expansion. PBG is building the brands of tomorrow that truly offer value for the pet and its pet parents. Brands that do good.

Our brand portfolio


All-natural, high-quality pet food, snacks and supplements for dogs.

Launched in Jan 2019


A subscription box filled with healthy snacks, chews and toys

Launched in Sep 2020

Super premium, all-natural and vegan dog care products

Acquired in July 2021

Backed by venture capital and supported by the best advisors we're building a team of superheros

We're lucky. That's right. We have super strong investors, A-level advisors, and pet care entrepreneurs supporting our cause. Now we're building a team of superheroes with a passion for pets and technology to help us take PBG to the next level

"We started PBG because we truly love pets. To be able to combine our love for pets with our passion for technology is just amazing"

- Alex Baumann, CEO & Co-Founder

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